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    Install supporting objects with selection?

      In APEX 4.2, when installing the application's supporting objects, and you get to the Confirmation step, the text prompt says:
      Please confirm that you would like to install this application's supporting objects. You will be able to select which ones you want. These include image files, tables and possibly seed data for those tables, views, and requisite CSS files.
      However, when I click Install, which is the only available button, the supporting objects run entirely, with no option to select individual objects.

      Is there a setting I'm missing when creating the supporting objects?

      Is this an error in the prompt?

      Is this a bug?
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          Roel Hartman
          That text can be changed by the one who created the supporting objects installation file for the application.
          AFAIK there is no standard feature to offer such a selection to a person who installs the application. You can use Conditions for every install file, but that's different. (Then you can check whether a table exists, the version of the oracle db, the time of day, whatever you want )
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            Thanks for pointing out the messages can be edited. I had added a License message before, and I didn't remember or know the others could be, too.

            Now I've put in a better explanation of what happens when the installer person confirms.