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    Trying to build in command line for the first time

      Hello all,

      I have used OPA extensively, and I am working with 10.4.2, though I am not from an IT background, i've have been having trouble getting the rulebase to build from the command line.

      with a simple rulebase (the person is happy if -> the person has a job and the person has a pet)

      I have typed:

      C:\cd Program Files (x86)\Oracle\Policy Modeling\bin


      C:\Program Files (x86)\Oracle\Policy Modeling\bin>Oracle.Policy.Modeling.CommandLineCompiler.exe C:\users\me\OPA Rulebases\OPA Test\Development\OPA Test.xprj -m

      How ever this returns Error: The specified project file does not exist.

      Any suggestions what I'm doing wrong?

      Thank you!