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    OIM 11gR2 : Custom Logging

      Hello Experts,

      I want to log the errors of my custom Process Task Adapter. How may i enable custom logging in OIM 11gR2. Kindly share.
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          Nishith Nayan
          Java Code Configuration

          Add the following line into your java code.

          Import Statement

          import com.thortech.util.logging.Logger;

          private Logger logger=Logger.getLogger("Logger-Name");

          Configuration Of Logging

          Go to the $DOMAIN_HOME/config/fmwconfig/servers/oim_server1 directory and edit the logging.xml file.

          Configure The Log Handler

          <log_handler name='logger Handel Name' level='FINEST' class='oracle.core.ojdl.logging.ODLHandlerFactory'>
          <property name='logreader:' value='off'/>
          <property name='path' value='Log File Location'/>
          <property name='format' value='ODL-Text'/>
          <property name='useThreadName' value='true'/>
          <property name='locale' value='en'/>
          <property name='maxFileSize' value='5242880'/>
          <property name='maxLogSize' value='52428800'/>
          <property name='encoding' value='UTF-8'/>

          Include The Logger Handler Logger Configuration

          <logger name="Logger-Name" level="Log Level" useParentHandlers="false">
          <handler name="logger-Handel-Name"/>
          <handler name="console-handler"/>

          Oracle Identity Manager 11G Log Levels

          Log Level ODL Message Type:Level

          SEVERE.intValue()+100 INCIDENT_ERROR:1
          SEVERE ERROR:1
          FINE TRACE:1
          FINER TRACE:16
          FINEST TRACE:32

          The FINEST log level will give the more debug info. If you want to debug your schedule task or event handlers, please use FINEST Log level.
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            OIM 11gR2 logging procedure is given in this link. Refer this for any further help.

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              Thanks a lot Nishith :)
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                Thanks Durgaprasad :)