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    BPM WorkSpace login issue


      I was trying to login to my BPM Console: http://localhost:8001/bpm/workspace/faces/loginPage.jspx

      After logging in the page looks blank, does not show up any info in the page.

      Following is the log that has got reflected @ Weblogic level:

      Any issue with WIN7 OS on this.

      <24 Jan, 2013 2:20:35 PM IST> <Warning> <netuix> <BEA-423420> <Redirect is execu
      ted in begin or refresh action. Redirect url is /console/console.portal?_nfpb=tr

      <24 Jan, 2013 2:21:54 PM IST> <Warning> <netuix> <BEA-423420> <Redirect is execu
      ted in begin or refresh action. Redirect url is /console/console.portal?_nfpb=tr

      Please help me out


      When Searched in Oracle Support Here is the information that they specified. But This is also not working.

      Service error.
      Internal Error; Service error occurs in IdentityService in method lookupUser.
      Refer to the log file that is configured for oracle.soa.services.identity for more details on this error and contact Oracle Support Services
      at oracle.bpel.services.identity.client.AbstractIdentityServiceClient.lookupUser(AbstractIdentityServiceClient.java:195)Cannot log in to workspace( BPM 11g).


      One of the reasons this issue might happen is when the application (in this case the Workspace) was not able to connect to the Identity services.
      And the cause of bug was network configuration issues which prevented connection to IdentityService SOAP endpoint using the configured server hostname.

      So to overcome this issue, set the ServerURL property in the soa-infra config mBean to

      This should resolve the issue.
      An alternative option is to use any other valid server IP address / port.

      In future the bug fix will have log messages which will post warnings in the logs if the host name used in the URL is not resolved.

      How to set the MBean:
      1. Login to the em console
      2. Right click on soa-infra
      3. Goto Administration ->SystemMBean Browser
      4. Goto Application Defined MBeans
      5. Find Oracle.as.soainfra.config ->Expand "Server: <your server name>"
      6. Goto SoaInfraConfig -> click on soa-infra
      7. Find the Property ServerURL, enter value as
      8. Click on Apply


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          Bill Wallen
          This is related to the authentication providers you have configured in WebLogic. Check that the providers are configured property for whatever identity store you need to use - integrated WebLogic, OID, AD, etc. - and that they are in the correct order.