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    Vanilla dashboard prompt returns no values

    Robert Angel

      An existing simple dashboard prompt, which worked perfectly before, has now stopped returning any values for a text field from the time dimension, though other dimensions work normally on the same prompt.

      The behaviour is that the prompt drops but never displays any values to select, clicking search gives similar lack of values.

      Creating an analysis on the same dimension member shows that values exist, and functionality here seems entirely normal.

      Recreating the dashboard prompt does not fix this, and certain other dimensions (though not all) also manifest this behaviour.

      The version of OBIEE is

      Anyone experienced this, have we run into a bug?

      (Edit => Sorry - meant to add that identical repository and same OBIEE version installed on a local client does not manifest the same behaviour with identical looking data though different version of underlying database which in this case is sqlserver)

      thanks for any help,


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