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    Sessions on jvms [JPDA]


      I am currently exploring a way to record the execution stack of a Java app on an application Server using only what i can 'listen' from the jvm.
      Using JPDA, I am able to record what is being executed on my virtual machine, but I am not able to record only one session at a time. All of i can record is a traces mixing all sessions. As far as goes my understanding, the Jvm 'see' threads and the thread mapping to a particular session is only made by my application server.
      Is there a way to identifiate whichs traces match a particular session at the JVM level? Or is the only solution to find a way to listen as weel what my app server does with threads and sessions.?
      If anybody has an hint or ideas on this subject, i will really appreciate.

      Thanks for all,


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