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    How do I change second screen

      Is there a way to have the second frame different from the start frame. At the moment start frame and second are the same. If I delete second frame then all the frames move backwards and I still get start frame and second frame the same - confused......
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          Marc Santosusso

          The start frame (S) uses the screen from the first action frame or explanation frame, (F) or (X) respectively, as the background. After a quick test, here is something that seems to accomplish the request:

          1. Copy the first action frame (F) after the start frame (S).
          2. Select the start frame and paste the frame from your clipboard. You should now have two identical frames after your start frame.
          3. On the first of the two identical frames, edit the screenshot to be what you would like to show on the start frame, keeping in mind it will have a grayscale effect added to it.
          4. On the same frame, deselect all three checkboxes in the "Show In" property below the bubble editor.

          Your start screen will now use the edited screenshot from the first frame while the first action frame screenshot will remain unchanged. Hope this helps.

          If you have ideas on how to improve this behavior, please submit an enhancement request through My Oracle Support. Additional information can be found in the announcement at the top of this forum: https://forums.oracle.com/forums/ann.jspa?annID=1175

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