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    Sourcing: question Negotiation

      Hello all,

      Can anybody help me with the following case?

      1 requisition line, for example a lunch, for which the buyer creates a negotiation.
      The supplier would like to react with 3 responses; lunch a, lunch b, lunch c
      Depending on price and content of the lunch buyer picks lunch a, b or c and creates a PO

      How can we achieve that the supplier can create 3 responses. Initially my idea was to tick the box that multiple responses are allowed but i'm not sure if response 2 overrides response 1.

      Thanks a lot!
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          Consider the following illustration from a MOS note

          Supplier X

          - Supplier Site X1 - Contacts A1, A2
          - Supplier Site X2 - Contacts A3, A4

          User 1 with Supplier X, Site X1 and Contact A1
          User 2 with Supplier X, Site X2 and Contact A3
          User 3 with Supplier X, Site X1 and Contact A2

          Response R1 from User 1.
          Response R2 from User 3.
          Response R3 from User 1.
          Response R4 from User 2.
          Response R5 from User 3.

          Which responses will be considered?
          R3, R4 and R5

          R3 - Latest response from User 1
          R4 - Unique response from User 2
          R5 - Latest response from User 3