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    Schedule Full ETL, Incremental ETL and Refresh Dates

      Hi - I'm trying to set up a schedule that runs a weekly execution plan on Saturday am. This weekly etl needs to be a full load always. I have a similar execution plan that I want to run all the other mornings as an incremental etl. I have the weekly plan set to run as 'Full Load Always'. Since it is set to run as 'Full Load Always', the refresh dates are not being set on the source tables. The second daily plan then initially runs as a full etl since the refresh dates are null. Is there a way I can accomplish scheduling the weekly execution plan to run as a full and then the daily execution plan to run as incremental without any manual intervention (such as manually resetting the source dates each week) ?

      Thank you.
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          You have to execute only 1 EP for both Incr and Full loads, followed by another custom EP which set the DAC refresh table(W_ETL_REFRESH_DT) column as NULL.

          You need to schedule the custom ep to run on only Saturdays just before your actual EP start time so that you can have DAC refresh dates are null and follow load would be full load.

          You need to create a custom etl mapping so that you can set this.. that might be a command from session or workflow.

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