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    Changing HFM adapter after upgrading FDM to


      I have upgraded FDM from version to The last step I guess is to re-register the adapters to version - FM11x-G5-E
      Does any know how to achieve that with out re-building the mappings?

      Or any pointers is appreciated!

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          The adapter is not tied to the mapping table. You just need to import the adapter XML and then register and configure the adapter on each FDM application server in the environment:

          a) Login to the FDM application via the workbench client
          b) Choose File > Import and choose the FM11x-G5-E.XML file and choose "open"
          c) Click "Select All" and click "import" to import the adapter into the application
          d) Copy the "AdapterComponents" folder that was contained in the adapter .zip file to the Oraclle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\Products\FinancialDataQuality\SharedComponents directory
          e) Choose File > Register Adapter and choose the AdapterComponents\fdmFm11xG5E\fdmFM11xG5E.dll file and choose "open"
          f) Right-Click on the FM11x-G5-E adapter and choose"configure" and enter the FDM Service account username/password/confirm password/domain and click OK. **NOTE: this is the account that was used for the FDM configs (App Server, Load Balance Server, Task Manager, Web Config)
          g) Choose Tools > Application Settings and change the System Code to the FM11x-G5-E adapter

          You can then syncronzie the settings from the old adapter to the new adapter by right-clicking on the Fm11x-G5-E adapter and choose "Syncronize" and choose the FM11x-G5-C adapter as the source and click OK to copy the settings to the new adapter.

          You may have to update the target periods and categories in the Control Tables on the web.

          That should be everything.
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            Hi user735469

            That was quick and very detailed reply. Thanks much!