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    Sun Fire V880. The time jump several minutes

      hello everyone. I have a server sunfirev880 time jumping in several minutes.
      eg: in 5 minutes advances 7 or 8 minutes.

      if processing is higher, jumping more minutes ( 12/13 minutes).

      I've replaced the nvram and batterie but the problem persists.

      there is no ntp server configured.

      I appreciate your help

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          This may be a result of lack of maintenance.
          Your OS patching levels could be woefully down-rev.
          Your OBP firmware patch level could be ancient. +<-- my prime suspect.+

          However you didn't think to provide those details of your current setup.
          Such patches exist for a reason: they fix issues such as you have described.

          Keep in mind that you will need service contract coverage to get access to any patches for your V880.

          If you don't have access to the benefits of patching your system, I suggest you take an old PeeCee and build a NTP server out of it, then configure your V880 to update its system time from that.