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    Hyperion version

      We are currently in 11.1.1.x version and planning to upgrade to or

      Just curious to know your experience with and the challenges you have faced. I know its relatively new and if it carries tonnes of bugs?.

      Would you rather recommend to go with for now?.

      Look forward to the thoughts.
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          Nicholas King
          I would go with with the patch set and subsequent patches. The release of the patch set stabilizes release. Also,, while technically supported will soon be less of a priority for Oracle with regards to patching. If you install and face issues you will have to convince Oracle to backport patches, which may or may not happen. While no version is perfect, it is better to install the latest version because in between versions hundreds of issues are addressed. The rest is up to thorough testing of any new release to ensure it meets your specific needs.

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            Thanks for the input, Nick.

            Whats your take from a functionality perspective?. I know for HFM we have unlimited custom dimensions. Other than that any other significant features?.
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              are you running ? I would be interested in hearing from someone who actually runs that it now is reliable ?
              (we are running and are very happy that it is mature at this release)

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                Nicholas King
                Unfortunately, I am unable to provide details. If you are on a stable version it might make sense to stick with this. However, if you are considering a new version I would go with I am curious what does everyone else think?