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    BI Publisher Report drill down properties as parameters in link

      We have a drill down to detail report from master report. The link is established as hyperlink in RTF word template.

      The requirement is:

      1. Detail report when run separately in BI Publisher dashboard should be running only on click of apply: For this purpose we have set autorun property to false in the report properties.

      2. When linking to the detail report from master report we need to use _xmode parameter to be 3 because we need export to excel option in the report.

      4. Now in this case even if we set the parameter in the link xautorun=true, the report is not running. But if xmode=4 report is running which we cannot use because in this mode export option is invisible.

      xmode=3&xautorun=true ---- report not giving any results

      IS this a known issue? Any combination of xautomode = (0 or 2 or 3 or 6) and xautorun=true not running the report because in the properties autorun is set to false.

      but the combination of xmode=4 and xautorun=true is working. Is it a bug? since in xmode=3 the apply option is hidden. So the report should run if parameter xautorun=true.