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    Profile question


      We are setting up profiles to control the Check In process - we are grouping certain fields and hiding others. All the usual stuff.
      Trouble is, I am stuck with the check-in screen looking like this:

      As you can see, Folder (Framework folder) and Primary file are "floating" above all the other groups. Neither primary file or folder appear in the list of fields to control when setting up the rules.

      Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to intgerate them into the groups, or move them between two existing group?

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          William Phelps
          Yeah, these system fields can be annoying.

          Depending on which field is listed first in a grouping rule, you can get some funky behavior, especially if the first listed field is "dDocName", "dSecurityGroup", "dDocAccount", and I think "dDocTitle" may also fall in this periodic funky behavior category. There was a discussion quite a while back in another forum/mailing list but I can't remember if it was an internal Oracle list or not.

          By chance are you using accounts in addition to security groups (and hiding it in another grouping rule with no header)? The reason I'm asking is that since you are grouping items, generally the primary file field display is going to follow the security group and account fields. (This is the order that the system puts these three fields on the page by default.) If you are hiding the account field anyway, try putting it after the security group in the same grouping rule. Also make sure the "Is Group" box is ticked in the profile rule, as this forces a relatively specific ordering.

          The Framework Folder field, I have no idea on that one.