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    Web Server Log files -WEBLOGIC

      Today we ended up with a downtime of an hr in our PeopleSoft prod env.

      Web Server in PeopleTools 84819 ,Application 8.9 of My Production Application stopped responding at port 8080 at 730 pm CST.

      I also noticed the web was showing up(Telnet hostname 8080) but it was not writing anything in log files ,the stdout and the stderr files

      The Size of the files were 168MB and 116 MB respectively at that time and for a period of 1 hr it did not write anything in the log files..

      Is it because of huge log files web server started clocking at 8080.?

      I renamed the log files and started fresh after bouncing.It started working.

      The OS is AIX and it has no limits as such on the size of the file?

      Is there such limits to Weblogic Files in PeopleSoft..?Is there something at Console level?R
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          I've never heard of any issues with size of WebLogic log files (as long as you have sufficient disk space for the log files). So maybe something else was going on. I would suggest you check the last entries in the log (before web server hang) to see what type of errors were being logged. Maybe that will provide some clues.
          If the issue re-occurs, I suggest you get a thread dump. Below are a couple "My Oracle Support" knowledge documents that discuss how to get a thread dump and how to analyze a thread dump:
          Doc# 615445.1: How to Create a Thread Dump with WebLogic Server 5.10, 6.1 and 8.1
          Doc# 649428.1: Troubleshooting WebLogic Issues

          Also, do you have anything installed in front of the web server? (eg load balancer or proxy?). If so, perhaps there was an issue with the proxy or load balancer and it wasn't forwarding requests to Web server.
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            WebLogic Server (WLS) Hangs With Deadlocked Socket Close() and Poll() Threads on AIX [ID 950347.1]

            Also, there could be limits on the size of a file in AIX, but it is unlikely that the limit is lower than 1Gb--check the ulimit settings for the user that starts weblogic (use ulimit -Sa to see all limits, or ulimit -Sf for the filesize limit--note that the value is the number of 512-byte blocks).

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              At this moment a mere bounce has solved the issue.So i am living by it for the moment..But i will take the notes you provided and research more.