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    For creating new site from Scratch where to start from?

    vivek lal
      Hi All,

      I have replicated avisport site, edited the same.
      I want to create my own site but I am not able to find what will be the order to create a very new site from scratch.

      I went through all developer,admin and user guide. I am still not clear about the order of creation of new site.

      Please Help


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          Hi Vivek,

          I am just studying the same and I have a 40+ pages script which describes how to do it. Unfortunately, it is bound to an environment, so it can be misleading if you work with a vanilla installation. I will try to generalize the common tasks:

          1) Add a New Site (in my script the site is created as a Launched Copy of an existing site to get existing elementary assets)
          2) Assign Users to your new Site
          3) Create Templates; I have a template for
            a) Layout
            b) Container for a Page
            c) Container for an Article
          4) Start to modify the code for assets created in 3)
          5) Create Pages
          6) Place Pages to your Site
          7) Adjust components such as Menus, StyleSheets, etc.
          8) Create Content
          9) if required, place Search (search box, search results page)

          From the step 4 onwards the order of steps seems to be arbitrary (e.g. you may create a bare code minimum of a Page Template, place it to your site, assign a content, and then come back again to the template).

          I hope that helps.
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            vivek lal
            Thanks Jiri,

            This helped.

            One more problem I am facing that is :

            In replicated site, we are adding content like image , article. The drag and drop are successful but when I preview this, it does not refleclt to output page.

            Though, When I add text it reflects on the page.

            Is that mean content is not rendering on page? How can I find the solution..

            Need your Help again :)
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              Hi Vivek,
              This really depends how your templates are designed. The template dictates which attribute it will show. Basically, as far I understand your situation, you are able to drag and drop content, the question is what type (asset type) it is and which slot template it is using?

              Basically we can structure templates in two types:
              1. Typeless
              2. Asset Specific

              Typeless templates are those that are designed to be able to render all types of assets. Asset specific you build to render a specific asset.

              Eg. You have a Page asset which is assigned a Template for Page assettype, probably a layout kind of template with slots. Each slot can contain content of a certain type (asset). Lets say you can populate content of the Type Article. Your code uses the ics:calltemplate tag with the arguments, asset=Article and tname=Detail. When you render this Page the Layout template will use the asset specific template Article/Detail to render the contents of the slot.

              Take a look at the avisports sample site, its template structure and template source. It will provide you some more information how to design and structure your templates.

              Hope this helps.

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                vivek lal
                Thanks Rodney for reply.

                Your suggestion was correct.

                i) When Asset type mismatches then in web mode a red Cross mark comes on Picture icon.

                ii) When drag-drop of picture is successful, and if it is not showing on browser then Need to Check Dimension. If Height and width are not filled with
                some dimention then this problem occurs.

                This Issue Resolved. Cheers :)