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    Learning Java SE 7 / Newbie

      Dear Java Community,

      I'm real life I find that most professional programmers are rather selfish or inpatient personality types, and I'm interested in learning Java, and possibly becoming a good programmer. It's just a personal hobby, and something that's mostly an intellectual pursuit. My question is this, how do you compile a folder filled with Java files ? There are 27 files in this particular folder. Half are .java files. The others are .class files.

      I really want to learn how to program, but as I read all these programming textbooks, they're good (conception-ally speaking), and give you nice gold nuggets of information. But I don't know how to bridge what I want, which what I need to learn, in order to accomplish it. I know that don't become a master overnight, and I guess the question should further be, how long will it take me to actually learn to program Java 7 ?

      How do I compile all these files ? I downloaded the free source code from Planet Source Code, but I think these are rather old programs, and maybe they're not backwards compatible. Since I can't find anyone with enough patience to teach myself, then I'll just have to teach myself. But I learn best through backwards engineering. I need to know why this does that, and why that does this.

      Can someone help ?

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          First of all don't blame all professional programmer.This is not right place for it
          Second this category is spcly for Jdeveloper and ADF. IF you have any question regarding you can put in right category.

          Regarding learning java and becoming master.I wil suggest you to step by step.Don't download free code from some site and execute it.First write small program then gradually raise ur level.Within 2 or 3months you will bw confident about java.
          There are lot of other place you can ask about ur java question
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            Joonas Linkola-Oracle
            Hi User,

            These forums might be more useful to you: {forum:id=921}, {forum:id=922} and {forum:id=923}

            As vinaykumar2 mentioned, this forum is specifically for JDeveloper (Oracle's IDE) and ADF (Oracle's Java EE framework).

            Good luck with learning Java!

            - Joonas