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    Increase the text length in IPM11g!!


      In IPM application I have to create a field with the length more than 200 characters, but the IPM system is configured to for only 200 char length for text fields. Please advise me on increasing the text field length in IPM.

      UseCase: For an application migration into IPM a text field with 250 char length is required. Since the IPM system supports only upto max 200 text char length, is it possible to increase the text length value.

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          As mentioned in http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/admin.1111/e12782/c04_applications.htm#CIHCJFEF "Text: Field accepts a text string. Possible string length is specified in the Length element with a maximum of 200 characters supported." This is not a database limitation, therefore, it might be related to a) front-end b) application layer code. As such, it will require a modification, which can be really challenging. You could ask Oracle support if they accept such an enhancement, or Oracle Consulting if they have done anything similar.

          You could also consider a workaround to split your data into 2 text fields.
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            Hi Jiri,

            Thanks for the reply. Could you please tell me the steps to split the date into 2 text fields in IPM, because we are planning to upload the contents using Input Agent. Is that a sort of mapping we have to do in IPM to store the single metadata value in two metadata fields (i.e: If there is no relation between two new metadata fields then it could affect search operation) or it has to be done during the batch file creation for IPM.
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              On the definition side, instead of let's say TextField you will create 2 fields TextField1 and TextFields2.

              As it is a workaround you have to consider all use cases where the field would come into place. You mention just one:
              - ingestion: I can imagine you might have to pre-process input files to place delimiters such as | before the Input Agent gets them - you could also throw away the exceeding 50 chars (depending on what's in there)
              but there are at least two more:
              - retrieval/display: you should consider, if presented content will not be misleading to end-users
              - search: will you search on this field; if so, will you be able to get results as if the field was just one?

              It may happen that you come to a conclusion that no workaround fits your needs. I just wanted you to consider this option as it might be far much easier than any customization.
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