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    Problem Regarding OdiInvokeWebService

    Anindya Chatterjee
      I want to invoke a web service through odi using OdiInvokeWebService tool.So the problem is in Test or Production Environment the WSDL URL of the web service will be changed .AS the WSDL URL is hardcoded inside OdiInvokeWebService tool(i.e in WSDL URL Parameter) what shall I do now??

      NB:-Can I use variable instead of WSDL URL?If yes then where should I store the variables value(i.e WSDL URL)?

      Please Advice
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          You can store the variable value in a parameter table and refresh your variable at the beginning of your package.
          Then you can just put the variable name instead of the url in the WSDL URL parameter.

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            Bhabani Ranjan Mahapatra
            It should work. I did a quick test on this and found that variable is properly substituted with project name.

            OdiInvokeWebService "-URL=#PRO_SCOTT.MYVAR" "-PORT_TYPE=requestPortType" "-OPERATION=invokeStartScen"
            <?xml version = '1.0' encoding = 'UTF8'?>
            <OdiStartScenRequest xmlns="xmlns.oracle.com/odi/OdiInvoke/" xmlns:env="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">
            <Credentials xmlns="">
            <Request xmlns="">
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