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    OIM 11g x Remote Manager x Exchange x VBScripts arguments


      We have OIM 11gR1 on Linux and the conectorsMSFT_AD_Base_9. and MSFT_Exchange_9.
      The shell used to create Mailbox is the 2007 one (CreateMailboxExchange2007.vbs).
      In that script there are 3 arguments being received

      Set args = WScript.Arguments
      ' Argument 0 contains the Log On Name
      Wscript.echo args.Item(0)
      ' Argument 1 contains the Mail Store Database Name
      Wscript.echo args.Item(1)
      ' Argument 3 contains the Report Log Path
      Wscript.echo args.Item(2)

      And the command line:

      shell.run "PowerShell.exe -PSConsoleFile ""C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Bin\exshell.psc1"" -noexit ""&{""Enable-Mailbox "&args.Item(0)&" -Database '"&args.Item(1)&"'"";""exit 0""} >> "&args.Item(2)&"",,20

      I couldn't find where those arguments are configured at OIM objects. I found the first and second in Exchange Form and the third in Exchange IT Resource. I guess that the process task CreateMailbox from the conector's Process Definition probably calls the Remote Manager that calls some java code to call this script, right?

      The problem is that my client needs the command below for provisioning:

      Enable-mailbox -identity UserAccount@br.client -Database "serverxxx\SG_OIM\MDB_OIM_PR" -Alias User -displayname "Test User - Company" -primarysmtpaddress testuser.company@client.net

      I'd like to know if it is possible and how to add more arguments to pass to the VBScript to use on "Enable-Mailbox" command.
      Could you please let me know?


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