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    Roll forward from P12 2012 to P01, 2013

      Dear all - i am not able to roll forward the asset and liabilities values from P12 2012 to P1 2013. please see the below rule and help me how to get it resolve.

      Thanks in Advance

      Sub SetImpactStatus(sCurrentScenario, SEntity)               

                'Throw impact status to the following year for Balance Sheet Carry Forward
                If HS.Period.IsLast Then
                     'only if changes in last period of the scenario
                     If Not HS.Year.IsLast Then
                          'rule can not apply for the last year in the application
                          If HS.GetCell("E#" & sEntity & ".A#190" & I_C1_C2_TOP & ".V#<Entity Curr Total>") <> 0 Or _
                               HS.GetCell("E#" & sEntity & ".A#280" & I_C1_C2_TOP & ".V#<Entity Curr Total>") <> 0 Or _
                               HS.GetCell("E#" & sEntity & ".A#200" & I_C1_C2_TOP & ".V#<Entity Curr Total>") <> 0 Or _
                               sEntity = "[None]" Then
                               'Only throw impact status for entities IF there is Balance Sheet data to carry forward
                               'Always throw impact status for [None] entity
                               sNextScenarioList = GetNextScenarioList(sCurrentScenario)
                               'get list of all scenarios that the current scenario impacts
                               For Each sNextScenario in sNextScenarioList
                                    'check that there are scenarios to be impacted
                                    If sNextScenario = "No next scenario" Then Exit For
                                    'Use function "GetFirstPeriod" instead of keyword "FIRST" since the Impact Status is being thrown
                                    ' between scenarios with different frequencies
                                    sFirstPeriod = GetFirstPeriod(sNextScenario)
                                    HS.ImpactStatus "S#" & sNextScenario & ".Y#NEXT.P#" & sFirstPeriod
                          End If
                     End If
                End If

           End Sub 'SetImpactStatus(sCurrentScenario, SEntity)