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    Difference in records property update in Partial update on 6.1.4 and 6.4.0

      Hi All,
      We are upgrading our MDEX 6.1.4 to MDEX 6.4.0 and we completed upgradation. To check is there any difference in records or baseline outputs in comparison with previous version, we ran full baseline once and partial baseline once.
      Full baseline results of both version (6.1.4 and 6.4.0) are same. But when we executed partial baseline there is discrepancy in records upgradation. We got same total record count on both version after partial baseline but some records properties values in new version(6.4.0) are updated different. For ex. in old version(6.1.4) records with property name isLive:0 are more in count as compared to records with property name isLive:0 in new version(6.4.0). Because of this our application is returning different record count results. We used same partial data and full baseline data for both version.
      Can any one have idea about what could be the possible cause?