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    Bulk account action error


      We are running bulk account action script for updating user's manager pin number on IdM server.

      But during this action, few erros were encountered on few User accounts, which did not allow the bulk account action command to update manager pin on IdM server.

      The Bulk Action command is:

      Below is the error message:
      com.waveset.util.WavesetException: There were errors retrieving user information
      com.waveset.util.WavesetException: Unable to contact resource 'sys9'. Any changes made may not be applied on this resource.

      Im not sure why some external resource error, is impacting updating manager pin number on Lighthouse.
      Is it necessary to clear these errors for Bulk Account Action to perfrom the desired action.

      can anyone suggest on how Bulk Action can overlook this resource error and update manager attribute on IdM server.

      Thanka in advance!
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          Alex Fonts

          Maybe you need to disable checkbox that says: retrieve resources atributes in the bulk action configuration page

          If you only need to update update a lighthouse attribute it isn't necessary to retrieve resource's values on every resource.

          Try this and then say us if the work for you.