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    Display item in login page upon successful authentication


      I use APEX 4.0.1.

      I developed an application with Authentication Scheme as default "Application Express".

      I have a requirement where once user is authenticated successfully, display country list as "select list" item and a button "proceed" in the same 101 page. User has to select one country from the select list and then click proceed button. Only then I need to go to next page and show the details related to the selected country.

      When user comes to page 101, this "Country" and "Proceed" should be hidden. Upon successful authentication, "User Name", "Password" and "Login" should be disabled and "Country" and "Proceed" should be visible.

      Any help / clue how to achieve it.

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          Roel Hartman
          Of course you can build your whole application in one page, but why not navigate to a subsequent page after a successful login?
          So page 101 is your login page, after login navigate to page 2 (with country list) and then do your thing...

          It seems you're making things overly complicated.
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            Howard (... in Training)
            (Agreeing with Roel)

            COOL! It would be really NEAT to hide and unhide page elements and make some editable fields and then make them display only. But is your requirement really to do it on the same APEX page or is it just to achieve the desired functionality. (Often, folks here ask "Why do you want to do that." Many times they mean: "There are much easier ways." "That might not achieve what you want." I won't ask that question.) But I'm echoing Roel, saying it's much easier to go to a new page where the things you want visible are just normal fields and the things you want to make not editiable are set as display only.

            But it can be done all on page 101 if you want to take the time to debug it. And that may be what you want -- and it may be worth the development time -- if you're going to use it on say five or ten other applications.