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OracleDataReader : Object reference not set to an instance of an object

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I have a problem with executing oracleCommand.ExecuteReader() method. Whatever I try it always returns null and it won't create OracleDatareader object. I'm using ODAC 1120320_x64 for .net 4.0 and timesten112241.win64. Don't sure what to do. Debugger is showing strange thing in OracleConnection object : ConnectionState = Closed, but output of ttStatus shows connection to TimesTen data store and ExecuteNonQuery() command works just fine with or without (in or out) parameters. But when I try to execute some query with multile output such as select *, I can't get any result.
I also have a strange problem with connection.Open() and couldn't find any solution online. When I execute Open() i throws AccessViolationException that can be handled with [HandleProcessCorruptedStateExceptions] attribute, but connection is established after that and my application works fine until I try to instance OracleDataReader object. Thanks in advance!

Here is the code:
OracleCommand select = null;
OracleDataReader reader = null;

select = new OracleCommand(selectStmt, connection);
select.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
reader = select.ExecuteReader(); // this line throws NullReferenceException
if (reader.HasRows)
while (reader.Read())
object[] values = new object[1];
if (values[0] != DBNull.Value)



Console.WriteLine("No rows found.");

return SupportedTypes;
catch (Exception e)
return null;

Just to mention, I tried it with different queries (pl/sql, plane sql, stored procedure) and all of them works fine in SQL Developer, but not in app.

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