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    Oracle human workflow task services have no support for SAML2.0 in

      When I have checked the SAML binding version of Oracle human workflow task service WSDL (TaskQueryService2?ORAWSDL), it has a SAML 1.0 policy attached to it in the soap header?

      Does SOA Suite workflow tasking services support SAML2.0 policy ?

      I have tried applying SAML2.0 policy from OSB on the Business service calling TaskQuerySerivice2, it does not accept it. As the SAML version of wsdl is embedded with SAML1.0 policy, business service
      did not run?

      As this Tasking services come as part of standard SOA Suite install, is there any work around to update the WSDL to change the policy to SAML 2.0?