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    EQL results table attribute display

      I have a results table, using EQL. The column names displays "attribute name" instead of display name, how to make the column name display the attribute "display name"?
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          I believe for an EQL-based table, because the attributes are derived from the original attributes and are not usually physical attributes from the data, the Attribute Name field on the column configuration dialog is used to provide the label for the column.

          So whatever you enter in that field displays as the column heading.

          For tables that display lists of records, the display name for the attribute is displayed. In this case, the table always contains physical attributes from the data, and so the display name is used and cannot be configured.

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            Thanks, the table header is now display as "ITEM_NUMBER" etc. is there a way to display the translated name for EQL results table header "Item Number" for example?

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              I'm not sure what you mean by "translated name".

              If ITEM_NUMBER is a metric from the EQL you used to generate the table columns, then on the edit view of the Results Table component, in the list of columns, click the edit icon for the ITEM_NUMBER metric. On the dialog, in the Attribute name field, change "ITEM_NUMBER" to "Item Number".

              If ITEM_NUMBER is an actual physical attribute from the data, then to change the display name for that attribute, you would have to go to the Attribute Settings page on the Control Panel. You would select the data source, then update the display name for the ITEM_NUMBER attribute.

              See http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E29805_01/studio.230/eid_studio_users/toc.htm#Changing%20the%20display%20name%20of%20an%20attribute

              Does that help?

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                Branchbird - Pat
                I think that you're asking the following question:

                "If I alias my EQL-created attribute to have the same name as one of the attributes in my index, will Studio pull in the display name that is configured for that attribute without having to specify it manually?"

                Unfortunately, the answer is no. It seems like something that could be achieved with a relatively low level of customization. Not sure if this is something that is on the radar of the product team (not sure it should be since you could have unintended consequences, but I digress) but it never hurts to bring it to their attention.

                Hope that helps,

                Patrick Rafferty