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    CREATEPO Workflow acting strange


      We are using iProcurement (12.1.3) to create requisitions for non-catalog items.
      Business requirement is to create the PO if the req is associated to CPA.

      The following attributes were changed in the workflow

      The below attributes have been set:

      poxwfatc.wft attributes: (PO Create Documents)

      Is Automatic Creation Allowed? = 'Y'
      Is Automatic Approval Allowed? = 'Y'
      Should Contract be used to autocreate Doc? = 'Y'
      Should non-catalog requests be autosourced from contract? 'Y'
      Is Contract Required on Requisition Line? = 'Y'


      poxwfrqa.wft attributes (Requisition)
      Send PO Autocreation to Background? = 'N'

      But the workflow is acting strange.
      There are times when the requisitions that do not have any CPA associated also go ahead and create POs.
      This is not required, if there is no CPA associated there should be no PO generated.

      The strange point is the behavior is random.
      There are couple of times when the PO does not get generated if no CPA is attached.

      What could be causing the issue?

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          Can you confirm if there are any GBPA in place?
          This may trigger creation of PO from req
          Also worth checking if the item is been reference by ASL

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            Hi Mahendra,

            Thanks for your reply.
            Anyways we are using iProcurement to raise requisitions for only non-catalog items.

            Thus GBPA or ASL setups should not matter.

            And more importantly the whole flow is working as expected in US OU and not in the other OUs.

            That makes the scenario confusing.
            Please let me know if you would like more details.

            Appreciate your help.