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    Copying plugins between apps

      APEX 4.2.1

      How can I copy a plugin from one app to another? Looks like the only way is to export it from app A, import it into the repository and install into app B. Seems a bit cumbersome. And files imported into the Export Repository seem to age out after a few days.

      Am I missing something? Is there a easier way to copy a plugin between apps?

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          Roel Hartman
          When the Apps are in the same Workspace, you better use the Copy and Subscribe mechanism.
          So create one "Master Application" holding all your shareable object (like Plugins) and reference them from the "real" Applications. Changes made to the a Plugin can then be pushed down to the actual apps.

          When both Apps are in different workspaces, then Export/Import is the only (supported) way of copying.
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            Patrick Wolf-Oracle
            Hi Vikas,

            export/import or using subscriptions is the only way to get an existing plugin-in into an application. We plan to improve APEX to allow copy and easier subscription support in a future version of APEX.

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