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    How to color a table view header's text via css

      I have managed to change font-name, background and text alignment of my table view header, but the text-fill line is just ignored! What's the correct way to do this?
      .table-view .column-header, .table-view .filler {
      -fx-text-fill: white;
      -fx-font-family: "Helvetica";
      -fx-font-size: 10px;
      -fx-font-weight: bold;
      -fx-size: 25;
      -fx-border-style: solid;
      -fx-border-insets: 0 1 1 0, 0 0 0 0;
      -fx-border-width: 0.083333em, 0.083333em;

      I also added:

           -fx-text-fill: white;

      Wich was recommended on a site, but didn't work either..