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    SunOne (iplanet) 7 U6 and WebLogic 10.3.6 (from 9.2.3)

      Hi All,

      After upgrading our Weblogic server from 9.2.3 to 10.3.6, requests to our apps serving JSP pages on '/app-context' fail with 302 redirects and 404 but '/app-context/' (extra slash) works but then fails on later requests with the same 302 and 404.

      I've tried a number configurations of the cdtdev1-obj.conf and have updated the weblogic libproxy_61.so plug-in specified in the magnus.conf but the problem continues and URLs are not resolving correctly. Checking the error and wl_proxy logs I see that it's trying to route it to the local server, (to it's web container, instead of the WebLogic proxy):

      [26/Jan/2013:18:00:16] warning ( 4175): for host xx.xx.xx.xx trying to GET /app-context/, send-file reports: HTTP4142: can't find /var/opt/apps/sun/webserver7/admin-server/docs/app-context/ (File not found)

      Hdrs to WLS:[Proxy-Path-Translated]=[var/opt/apps/username/htdocs/ra]
      Hdrs to WLS:[Proxy-Path-Translated-Base]=[var/opt/apps/username/htdocs]

      <Object name="weblogic" ppath="/app-context/*">
      Service fn="wl_proxy" WebLogicHost="hostname" WebLogicPort="7102" Debug="ALL" DebugConfigInfo="ON" WLLogFile="/var/opt/apps/username/logs/wl_proxy.log"
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          I've resolved the issue from using the article from these guys:


          It required a change on the WebLogic to enable the wl_proxy plug-in in the domain Configuration > Web Application: '*WebLogic Plugin Enabled* - specifies whether or not the proprietary WL-Proxy-Client-IP header should be honored. (This is needed only when WebLogic plugins are configured.)'