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    Need to display cancled BPA infor in iProcurement search -Urgent

      Hi All,

      I heard that,If the BPA/BPA line has expired/cancled , it will not show up in the item details on the search in iProcurement.

      But as per our requiremnt, if the BPA or BPA line has expired/cancled we need to display item information, like Shopping category , Supplier sirte, Internal item number and Price(which will display left side of the search result).

      I observed that, when we cancled the BPA line(item) the data is geting purged from icx_cat_items_ctx_hdrs_tlp.

      There is a query in ShoppingVOBuilder.java, which is pulling the item information form icx_cat_items_ctx_hdrs_tlp.

      we got approval to modify the seeded ShoppingVOBuilder.java file.

      is there any solution to display the item information if blanket or blanket line is expired ..