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    Child form not getting submitted during provisioning of EBS account

      I am trying to provision EBS account through OIM.
      The provisioning process has three form,
      UD_EBS_USER is the parent form
      UD_EBS_RESP is the child form
      UD_EBS_RLS is also child form.

      During provisioning I fill all the three forms and submit it.
      The account is provisioned at EBS side but without any roles or responsibilities information.
      The same is also reflected in the resource setting for the user at OIM.
      I have followed the Orcale document for the integration of EBS and all the connector features are OOTB.
      Please let me know if I may have missed anything.

      Note: After provisioning, the user can login to the EBS system successfully.

      Sandeep Tamang.