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    Fault policy Testing condition based on Error Summary

    Balaji Radhakrishnan
      Hi All,
      In SOA 11g BPEL process we used the below test condition options to handle a binding fault in the fault policy which is based on the fault summary.
      But none of the below options handles the fault .

      •     <test>$fault.summary/summary[contains(. , " failed due to: null ")]</test>
      •     <test>contains($fault.summary/summary, "failed due to: null")</test>
      •     <test>contains($fault.summary, "failed due to: null")</test>

      We need to handle the fault which contains the text "failed due to: null" in the error summary, in the fault policy.
      Kindly help us with the same. Thanks in advance.

      Balaji R

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          Preetam Medlery
          We also had this requirement what we did was we created a variable of string type and assigned getFaultAsString to this variable and used to test condition on this variable and it is working fine and getting the required output i have placed the example code below

          <assign name="AssignFault">
          <if name="condition">