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    How can we code using Concatfields/Connectfields rules in Documaker ?


      I knew the concept of Concatfields/Connectfields these rules.I want to explore more on these rules. I still didnt get how could we code using these rules ? Please hlep me to code using this..

      I have created a section with two fields named TEST1 and TEST2.
      TEST1 - I have used MK_HARD rule and passing a value as "Effective from : ".
      TEST2 - I have used MK_HARD rule and passing a value as "December".

      In the section level under section rule i have select Concatfields rule and mentioned there like F=TEST1,R=TEST2;
      Now i added this section to form and running the batch file but i got the following error.

      DM10157: Error in <CONCATFIELDS>: <TEST2;> is an invalid field. Image: <TEST>. This rule does not work with Barcode type fields or Multiline Text fields.
      DM12086: Error in RPDoImageRules(): Unable to <CONCATFIELDS>().

      So means i have wrongly coded. Please help me to understand how to code using these rules ?

      A) I'm using documaker 11.5.
      B) I understood like using these rules we can concatinating the fields.

      RAMAN C