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    installation error

    Prakash T Soundappan
      after clicking finish button while installation the following error occurs
      1.instance created DIM:00019 - create service error OIS error (OS 1387) a member could not be added or removed
      from the local group because the member does not exist
      2.ora-12560 TNS protocol adaptor error
      can anyone give me a solution for this please...
      with hopes for ur reply...
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          ambiguous question , Post DB version , OS version

          Similar thread for the first error
          Oracle 10g under Windows 32 bit DIM-00019: create service error
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            Girish Sharma
            Either it is a bug or try to follow couple of solution(s) provided in below thread :

            like :

            add the system user to the ora_dba group and start the database creation assistant. When you get the dim-0019 error open the services window, get the newly created Oracle Instance Service, set the start type to automatic and start the service. Then continue the database installation.


            1. Start DBCA and set parameters.
            2. Get the error DIM-00019.
            3. Start service "oracleservice(ORACLE_SID)"
            Start > Control Panel > Services > oracleservice*
            ( You mustn't stop DBCA )
            4. You continue Installation.


            I logged into my machine and un-installed the RDBMS. I then logged into my machine as adminstrator and re-installed the RDBMS. The installation, which included the creation of a general-purpose database, worked perfectly. I did not receive the DIM-00019 error and did not have to start the Oracle service manually.


            Girish Sharma

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