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    Running Observer on Different OS as compared to Primary & Sec DBs

      Hi All,

      Primary RAC and Standby RAC databases are using version They are configured & controlled via Data Guard Broker. Currently, the observer runs from one of the Standby nodes. All are on Solaris x86 64bit OS version 10.

      Now, I have to move Observer to 3rd DC and I am looking If I could use another OS for observer instead of same as DB OS version. Why? Our new insfrastrucutre is on RHEL Linux, therefore, I would like to deploy observer once and then wait for existing databases to be upgraded and moved to RHEL. Also, i understand that database and observer software should be of same version e.g. 10g, 11g.

      My question is what if i install & configure observer on RHEL ? The end result would be:

      1. Primary DB: Solaris 10, Oracle Software binaries version
      2. Secondary/Standby DB: Solaris 10, Oracle Software binaries version
      3. Observer: RHEL 5.8, Oracle Software binaries version

      What do you guys say about it? Is it accepted mix configuration say e.g. to run for six months?

      Also, it would be grateful to know if there any license implications when running observer on a different node running no databases at all.


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