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    Use PL/SQL gateway to report BLOBS in OBIEE

      Hi All,

      I wanted to find out if there is way to report on BLOB data in the db table containing word documents,gifs,tifs and pdf files which needs to be displayed as HTTP link in the report data so when the users click these attachments / show in the browser inline.

      I know there a way to achive this using the http://oraclebizint.wordpress.com/2007/12/10/oracle-bi-ee-101332-displaying-blob-images-using-plsql-gateway/

      However I am not sure how to achive this functionality for all the MIME TYPES like PDF , DOC , JPEG etc, the above blog post shows/explains a proc for downloading 'gif's mime blobs to browser.

      I have never used Oracle APEX before, Please let me know if anyone has tried this approach and if this would be feasible at all.?

      Appriciate any help on this.!!

      Thanks in advance.
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          Srini VEERAVALLI
          I didnt used it but just going thru the page. I think you need to change this piece of code from image to a file.
          ie. IMG to link as below


          <a href=”’||CAST(RCOUNT(GEOGRAPHY.REGION_NAME) AS CHAR)||’” target="_new">Link</a>
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