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    Administration of APEX in SQL Developer with Proxy Authentication impossibl


      We are using latest version of SQL Developer to administer APEX. We are connecting to the database with proxy authentication. The syntax is:


      e.g.: mdecker[apex_demo]

      When trying to deploy APEX application I go to "Database Object" -> Application Express -> Application1 [100] -> right mouse click: "Deploy Application". Then I select the appropriate database identifier and next, I am presented with a screen showing import options. In second line, it says: "Parsing Schema: MDECKER".

      This is wrong: it has to be Parsing Schema: APEX_DEMO. It seems that managing APEX with SQL Developer does not support Proxy Authentication.

      Could you please confirm?
      Is there a way to formally ask for this enhancement?

      Best regards,


      I found out that if I check the flag "Proxy Authentication" in the connect details and provide both passwords, the deploy application parsing schema is set to the correct APEX_DEMO account. However, we are using Proxy Authentication in order to avoid having to know the application password.

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