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    Apex Listener FOP and custom fonts

    Jörg Lang
      Hi there,
      I have setup the new Apex Listener 2.x to user the integrated FOP to create PDF-Files.
      This is already working. So far so good.

      Now I want to use some custom true type font and I'm wondering if there is any chance to get the font included into the Apex Listener FOP.

      Any Idea how to do this?

      Currently we are running the Listener in Standalone mode.

      Thanks for helping
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          Some times ago I created fop module with polish characters. It was hard work.
          1. I used free true type fonts with special characters
          2. I created metric files based on this fonts
          3. Connected to config files
          4. Rebuilded some jsp page
          5. Changed apex reports print templates

          You can read it on my blog (only polish version ): http://apex.dbe.pl/search?q=fop there is files to download with readme.

          Probably you can't use it with APEX Listener 2