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    FDM data load issue


      We have a scenario in FDM data load. We have 20 entities and 2 source files A and B to load data to all the 20 entities in HFM.

      We are planning to have 'A' and 'B' as FDM locations using which we will load data to all dimensions in HFM.

      Just want a confirmation, is it manadatory to have location as a member in target application.Like do we need to have 'A' and 'B' as members in HFM dimensions to load data or is it possible to load data from these 2 FDM locations to HFM without having these locations defined as members in HFM.

      Thanks in advance
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          The location names have nothing to do with HFM and do not need to be included in the map.

          Generally speaking, I try to keep FDM location names in Sync with HFM entity names where it makes sense though. In situations such as loading the corporate ledger, you may have one location to many entities.