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    Workflow variable is not being removed when deployed

      I removed the Open Document link from REQAPPRV WF notificaitons, so that users cannot access requisitions in the application.

      When deploying my changes, the variable is not being removed from the notifications.
      In my development environment we had to completely delete REQAPPRV WF and reload with my version of code, but this won't be acceptable for Production deployment.
      Any ideas what I could do to get my changes into my test environments successfully?

      We've tried using FORCE to deploy the WF.
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          Alejandro Sosa-Oracle

          What did you exactly modify? Keep in mind that oracle workflow maintains version for certain objects and that means that only new instances of the changed workflow will take the change. Take a look at this excerpt from the API guide:

          Certain workflow objects in a process definition are marked with a
          version number so that more than one version of the object can be in
          use at any one time. These objects are:
          • Activities—notifications, functions, and processes
          Note: Although function activities support versioning, the
          underlying PL/SQL code does not, unless implemented by
          your developer. You should avoid adding references to new
          activity attributes or returning result lookup codes not
          modelled by existing activities in your PL/SQL code.
          • Activity attributes
          • Process activity nodes
          • Activity attribute values
          • Activity transitions
          If you edit and save any of the above objects in Oracle Workflow
          Builder to the database, Oracle Workflow automatically creates a new
          version of that object or the owning object by incrementing the version
          number by one. If you save edits to any of the above objects to an
          existing file, then the original objects are overwritten. If you have a
          process instance that is still running and you upgrade the underlying
          workflow definition in your Workflow server, the process instance
          continues to run using the version of the workflow object definitions
          with which it was originally initiated.

          So, did you try your change with a brand new workflow process?
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            Have you tried saving the workflow from workflow builder in that specific instance?