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    ASCP ingredients for discrete jobs is not planned

      I am trying to re-implement ASCP in R11i prior to upgrading to R12 late this year. I have found one issue I cannot explain and would appreciate any suggestions. We work almost exclusively in OPM and currently use MRP from OPM Planning for our medium and long term plans. ASCP is running in unconstrained mode.

      Intermediate A is used in multiple final products B, C and D. A is not stored, but made and completely consumed by the FPs. It is not a phantom. Current practice is to make a maximum sized batch of A, then make batches of B, C and D to cover projected demand and completely consume A. ASCP always recommends rescheduling out for batches of B, C and D so they have been firmed (firm box checked on the WO).

      ASCP is recommending A be canceled or rescheduled out for demand far in the future. No supply for A is seen for firm jobs of B, C and D. No demand shows on the workbench for A to supply batches of B, C and D.

      Demand for A is showing on the workbench when a planned order for B, C or D appears in the ASCP recommendations.

      Any suggestions on where to look for the reason A has no recommendations in the case of firmed orders?