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    AutoCreate Forms Personalization in Oracle Purchasing r12.13

      I am facing a weird issue on Forms Personalization front. This is in r12.1.3

      My requirement is following:
      1. On the standard AutoCreate form in Oracle Purchasing, click Find Button
      2. List of PRs will show up
      3. Select a PR and Click on the Automatic.
      4. There is a field(very first field) called Global Agreement on the pop up window.
      5. Requirement is to nullify the value in this field when the window opens up.
      I know how to nullify the value when window opens up. But the problem I am running into is the cursor focus always ends up on the field "Supplier". Even if I disable all personalizations, the default behavior is it positions the cursor focus straigtht on "Supplier" field.

      So the question is:
      How can I achieve following using forms personalization
      1) Postion the cursor on very first field "Global Agreement"
      2) Nullify the value in Global Agreement.
      Please advise.