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    ADF DI integration with SOA Human Task

      Hi All,

      I am using Jdev

      I am trying to load the tasks assigned to a user in an ADF DI enabled excel. I am following the sample "workflow-109-OfficeIntegration" provided at the following location : http://java.net/projects/oraclesoasuite11g/pages/HW

      I tried it 2 - 3 times, but no success.

      Now, I am doing it step by step from the point of adding the components to the excel and deploying the application at every step.

      I only placed the list component on the excel sheet which retrieves me the tasks assigned to the logged in user. When I open the published excel, I am able to login but the list of tasks is empty (though there are tasks for the user if we check from the BPM Worklist).

      Did anyone tried this before or any use case similar to this one?

      Need help!

      Thanks in advance

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