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    Alert is Firing multiple Times

      I designed an alert for one of my requirement, for this i build i a sql statement
      and my sql statement is returning 20 records and i check the same in Application, the records are matching and till now every thing works fine for me.
      When i start my alert, My alert is firing 20 times and i am receiving 20 mails, but my requirement is i need to consolidated all the records and need to send a mail.
      Do i need to do some setup for this, please help me on this.
      Thanks for all for your continuous help and guidance.
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          what is the type of your alert?
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            Its a perodic alert, i am selecting the records !
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              When you created your alert action to create the notification, what did you set the action level to? Sound like you want it to be Summary but you have it set at Detail. Create another notification at Summary level and see if you get the results you are looking for.