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    Integration of APEX output into CMS controlled site.

      First some context:
      Our company website is filled using a CMS. The site is served from Tomcat6 using JSP and JSTL.
      The possibilities of integrating content from other sources is very limited. The only way to do this uses the <c:import url="someurl" /> tag.

      A department has developed an APEX application that allows the user to configure a query by using a number of (html) select lists. The result is output in the form of a table or a figure(also user selectable). The application is server by a standalone APEX Listener.

      Using the import tag directly results in "Too many redirections" errors.

      Is there a way to get this working with just the company webserver and the APEX system?

      If not possible directly: I can provide a J2EE adapter system between the two layers, what are the options then?

      I have probably not provided all parameters, please ask.