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    Should I drop and add the processes when there is a change in param file ?

      GoldenGate 10
      DB : Oracle to Oracle (Source and Target version is

      Using the below mentioned configuration, I succesfully replicated tables on the below mentioned test schemas
           Source : TST_SCHEMA_SOURCE01
      Target : TST_SCHEMA_TARGET01
      After succesfully replicating the test schemas, I did the initial load of the real schemas. Stopped Extract, Data Pump and Replicat processes and replaced the test schema names in the respective parameter files with the real schema names.

      Since adding of these processes ( shown in sections A2, B2 and C2 below ) was already done I didn't do it again. After re-starting the processes , the replication was not happening ! INFO ALL command showed that all processes are in RUNNING state. But nothing was being replicated. After wasting few hours. I dropped the EXTRACT , DATA PUMP and REPLICAT using DELETE command (eg: delete extract extpss02 ) and added it back and issue got fixed.

      So, does this mean, everytime I add a table in the parameter file, I have to Delete the processes and add it back ?

      A. Configuring Extract
       A1. Extract's parameter file
           $ cat extpss02.prm
           extract EXTPSS02
           userid GGS_ADMIN_USR@SOURCE_DB, password GGS_ADMIN_USR_123
           exttrail /d05/replication/ggsdata/dirdat/od
           table TST_SCHEMA_SOURCE01.*;
      A2. Adding the extract from ggsci prompt
           dblogin userid GGS_ADMIN_USR, password GGS_ADMIN_USR_123
           delete extract extpss02
           add extract extpss02, tranlog, threads 2, begin now
           add exttrail /d05/replication/ggsdata/dirdat/od , extract EXTPSS02
      B. Configuring Secondary Extract (Data Pump )
       B1. Data Pump's parameter file
           $ cat dpssmn02.prm
           EXTRACT dpssmn02
           userid GGS_ADMIN_USR@SOURCE_DB, password GGS_ADMIN_USR_123
           RMTHOST, MGRPORT 7809
           RMTTRAIL /d05/replication/ggsdata/dirdat/op
           table TST_SCHEMA_SOURCE01.*;
       B2. Adding the Data Pump from ggsci prompt
           dblogin userid GGS_ADMIN_USR, password GGS_ADMIN_USR_123
           add extract dpssmn02 , exttrailsource /d05/replication/ggsdata/dirdat/od
           add rmttrail /d05/replication/ggsdata/dirdat/op , extract dpssmn02
           start extract dpssmn02
      C. Configuring the REPLICAT at the target
         C1.     REPLICAT's parameter file
           $ cat reppss02.prm
           replicat  REPPSS02
           userid GGS_ADMIN_USR@TARGET_DB, password GGS_ADMIN_USR_123
           DISCARDFILE /d05/replication/ggs/dirrpt/reppss02.dsc, MEGABYTES 40, append
       C2. Adding REPLICAT from from ggsci prompt
           dblogin userid GGS_ADMIN_USR, password GGS_ADMIN_USR_123
           delete REPLICAT reppss02
           ADD REPLICAT reppss02, EXTTRAIL /d05/replication/ggsdata/dirdat/op , checkpointtable chkpt_occss
           start REPLICAT reppss02