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    getting error in creating EMS on BAM

      We have requirement to read data from WL JMS queues for this
      I am trying to use EMS to persist data from JMS queue to the BAM dataobjects. The weblogic JMS queue is on a different domain on differnt machine than the bam server. so i made the following configuration. (both servers are WL server)

      Initial Context Factory: weblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextFactory.
      JNDI Service Provider URL: t3://<remote_ip>:<remote_port>.
      Topic/Queue Connection Factory Name: weblogic.jms.XAConnectionFactory.
      Topic/Queue Name: TestQueue.
      JNDI Username: weblogic.
      JNDI Password: ***************************************************************.
      JMS Message Type: TextMessage.
      Durable Subscriber Name (Optional): .
      Message Selector (Optional): .
      Data Object Name: /Samples/PegaDO.
      Operation: Insert.

      When I run the EMS test, Queue is not been able to lookup at the remote machine. So I was suspecting its looking up on the local server, my suspicion came true when i created the "TestQueue" in the admin server where bam server is managed.
      So just to confirm that the intial context is never obtained from the remote server I changed the remote ip to something wrong.
      But that was not the case as It throwed error that remote ip is not present, so remote machine's intial context is obtained but the queue lookup is done in the local admin server. So what am i missing ?

      Or there is something all together a different approach to monitor WL queues using BAM