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    Move Data from Converted Database Objects Successfully Finish ?

      I am using SQL Developer try to migrate KSMMS database from SQL Server 2008 to Oracle 11g R2. After the migration process is done, the Captured Database Objects model, and Converted Database Objects model have been created in the Migration Projects Navigator panel on the left side, and the corresponding sql scripts has been generated in the project output directory. I run the sql scripts, it created all the tables, views, index and stored procedures in the oracle database, everything seems working perfectly. However when I try to Move Data (by right clicking Converted Database Objects) and try to move all the data from SQL Server to Oracle database, the Data moving process run less then 1 minute, and show me the result as Data Move successfully. I have about 1 GB data in the SQL Server database, it seems nothing has been moved into Oracle DB. Here are the detail structures of MS SQL Server Database which I am trying to migrate to Oracle:

      The SQL Server Database name is KSMMS, under that database there are 9 users (azteca, cwweb, dbo, guest, plladmin, pw, pwadmin, tbills, wsdadmin). All my application objects (tables, views, indexes, procedures) are under azteca user, during the migration process, Converted Database Objects creates user azteca_KSMMS and dob_KSMMS, all my application objects have been created under azteca_KSMMS user schema. The generated .sql scripts actually can create all the objects under azteca_KSMMS schema, however when I try to Move Data, nothing has been moved into Oracle database. I opened an SR#3-6708733861 last Friday, it seems Oracle Support can't find what cause the problem during the Data Move process. Any help regarding my questions will be highly appreciated. Thanks.